Kuntamarkkinat – the top event of Finnish public administration

Kuntamarkkinat, a municipal fair held annually in Helsinki, is the top public administration event in Finland providing a venue for the decision makers in local and central government, businesses and associations. The fair attracts over 7,000 visitors from across the country. More than 200 companies present their products and services. Kuntamarkkinat is organized by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities together with Kuntalehti, a specialised magazine and the leading medium for local government professionals in Finland.

Kuntamarkkinat is more than just a fair, offering a diverse programme of high quality. The over 200 seminars offered at the fair go into matters of topical importance to public administration, such as the reform of the Finnish local government and service structure, the promotion of the development of information society, and industrial and regional policies.

The 2019 Kuntamarkkinat, will be held on 11 to 12 September in Helsinki. The venue is the House of Municipalities (Kuntatalo) located in the district of Kallio. The address is Toinen Linja 14.
Entrance and all events are free of charge.

For more information, please contact

Ms. Liisa Paltta
Marketing manager
Tel:. +358 50 591 9513
E-mail: liisa.paltta(at)kuntalehti.fi